Upgrading Webpack to Vite in Laravel Sail

Laravel has just added support for Vite, a very powerful frontend development tool, and you can use it if you make some small changes, as suggested on the official page for this migration.

But if you are also using Sail, which is a useful tool for integrating Docker into your development environment, you will also have to make some other changes.

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Halí July 06, 2022

Convert mp4 to gif

We, dev people, have the need to post evidence of different behaviors of our desktop in many places (issues, documentation, blogs, etc.).

In this post, We’ll learn how to convert an mp4 file to gif in two simple steps.



First, we need to extract the frames from our video. FFmpeg can do it with the next command:

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Halí November 15, 2019

Laravel routes in JavaScript

TL;DR With a Package https://github.com/halivert/laravel-js-routes

We generally use JavaScript for the front-end in our applications, if we also use Laravel we notice that it includes a very useful wrapper called Laravel Mix, that can preprocess our JS files.

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Halí July 05, 2020

Vim macros for Bulma

When you use a CSS framework as flexible as Bulma, you want to have only the necessary components and no more. When you create your own “theme” you can import only the components and elements that you want to use.

Now, what happens when you’re not sure which files contain which rules? Import everything and then comment on those that are not necessary in that moment.

But… How do we import all the components and elements of Bulma, easily?

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Halí July 23, 2019


In this place I’ll begin to update problems that I’ve solved (in programming, math and music fields) hoping that my solutions can help you and for remember for myself.

I’ll open a new category called “I were there”, like in my wordpress blog, and I’ll prefer this page for those posts.

Halí December 20, 2017