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Esta categoría intenta ayudar a las personas que pasan por problemas, que yo ya pasé, mostrandoles mi manera de resolverlos.

Convert mp4 to gif

We, dev people, have the need to post evidence of different behaviors of our desktop in many places (issues, documentation, blogs, etc.).

In this post, We’ll learn how to convert an mp4 file to gif in two simple steps.



First, we need to extract the frames from our video. FFmpeg can do it with the next command:

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Halí Noviembre 15, 2019

Convertir MP4 a GIF

En este post vamos a aprender a convertir un MP4 a GIF con dos sencillos pasos.



Primero convertimos nuestro vídeo a imagenes. FFmpeg puede realizarlo con el siguiente comando:

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Halí Noviembre 15, 2019

Laravel routes in JavaScript

TL;DR With a Package https://github.com/halivert/laravel-js-routes

We generally use JavaScript for the front-end in our applications, if we also use Laravel we notice that it includes a very useful wrapper called Laravel Mix, that can preprocess our JS files.

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Halí Julio 05, 2020